What Are the Key Perils of Cheap Web Hosting?

The war of price cut in the web hosting world had brought about some very ridiculously low web hosting monthly rates which makes it so affordable that almost everyone in town can have his or her website and to run one for whatever reason.

While having to pay for approximately USD4 per monthly for cheap web hosting, it is genuinely unbelievably cheap for anyone to get started in setting up your website, you need to be aware that cheap web hosting is adequate for you if your intention is for personal used only. However, if you plan to run your online business through this website, it is usually better to go for a more expensive web hosting service plan to cater for those features which you need in priority but are not included in the cheap web hosting.

The above is just one of the many reasons as of why a more expensive web hosting service is preferred. With cheap web services, the resources offered such as the bandwidth and disk space might not be adequate for your online business used especially if you need to download large files and pictures into your site.

The truth is that you can hardly find good cheap web hosting providers who provide excellent server maintenance services or technical support to their customers. Many had cited that this is highly due to the low monthly fees which was charged to its clients, which is enough for them to sustain the required web hosting resources only, but not sufficient for them to cover for the rest of the services which can be covered by those web hosting provider who charged a little higher than the cheap web host.

Nowadays, webmasters are highly aware of the importance and necessity of getting efficient and high-quality technical support from the web host. Not to forget about the close monitoring of their servers to make sure they are in good condition at all times to prevent any unexpected downtime. Most of the experienced webmasters would go for the more expensive web hosting services because they can be assured that their concerns will be taken care of by paying a little extra.

Other than that, your server speed and consistent efficiency is the determining factor in whether your customers continue to stay with your site or otherwise base on their satisfying experience with your services. but in addition to your hosting speed capacity there are other factors that can support your work productivity in the internet world, namely the speed and stability of your internet is also influential in this matter. You have enough wifi 機 租 to get a stable speed. you can access it here wifi 機 租借. On the high side, cheap web hosts tend to overload their servers with too many users above the predefined threshold. This will lead to dramatically poor performance of the server causing slow loading of web pages which will drive your customers away to other sites with better performance. read …

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Web Design – The Dummies Version

phoenix website design

Building a website can be as simple as one page or more complex with many pages including a shopping cart to enable people to sell product online. Of course the more complex the website the more money and time you will require. Check this comprehensive guide from LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design Company below.

Take a person who is a wedding planner and wants to be able to sell product online, sell her time and perhaps provide other services such as massage, makeup and wedding planning. An ideal situation here is to have prepaid services so when the service is being provided there is no changing of money. The service has been prepaid. This is often referred to eCommerce.


However let us not get ahead of ourselves. The most important aspect of website design is planning the site. In some ways designing a website is like building a house. Firstly we need to look at location, then we choose the actual layout of the house and from there we work up.

Domain Name

The first thing we need to look at is the website name, so we need to choose the domain name. These can be purchased for around $10 from organization such as ,  etc. It is preferable to chose the company or business name as this is what your customers will recognize. This may not be available but it is worth checking that first before looking at another name. While you name may be taken with  extension there are other extensions you could use such ,.org etc. If you have an Australian business then you could buy  extension although this is a bit more expensive and requires more information about your operation. These can be purchased from ,  etc.


Once you have the domain name then you need to look at where you are going to host your domain name. You can use the same company you bought the domain name from however it is probably a good idea to use a different provider such as .

Other sites for Comparison

So now we have the basics under control. The next and probably the most important thing is to look around at other websites. Look at their layout and the links that take you to different areas of their site. How long does the site take to load? Did you know that in the past if a person doesn’t see what they are looking for or it is too slow to load the click out of the site within 8 seconds. Today it is 4 seconds. So it is important that the site is going to answer a question for the viewer. Here are a few things to be aware of when looking at sites – How much time passes before you see something; what is the first thing I see on the site and does it interest me; how much time passes before I can see any text; how long does it take you to discover …

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BetterHelp – The new age-technology approach to cure mental health

With the kind of technology we have today, online medical treatment of all kinds, including counseling is gaining popularity. In case of providing online therapy, there are ace organizations like BetterHelp which is the largest e-counseling platform online. The procedure is much like regular in-person counseling apart from the fact that you don’t meet the therapist in-person. BetterHelp is rated highly and they have already gained hundreds of clients who have successfully relieved themselves of all mental health issues. Read on to know more on BetterHelp and how it is better than, different and similar to traditional counseling.

BetterHelp – How is it similar to traditional counseling?

  • Accredited counselors: All the counselors who are working with BetterHelp are accredited and licensed and they have same credentials and training which you would be offered when you met a local therapist.
  • Cost: There are few insurance companies which cover BetterHelp. In case they don’t pay for BetterHelp charges for treatment, they will offer you insurance copays.
  • Plans for treatment: The online counselors develop plans for treatment in a similar manner as you would get in a local office.

BetterHelp – How is it different from traditional counseling?

  • Methods of communication: Since the sessions of BetterHelp are held online as against the brick and mortar companies, the clients have to communicate with their therapist through online methods like text messages, phone calls or video conferences.
  • More frequent contact: When you go for traditional sessions, they’re held weekly but when you seek help of BetterHelp, you can communicate and stay in touch with the therapist whenever you feel like. You can message the therapist and he is bound to reply back to you as per his convenience.

Making an appointment with BetterHelp

While you sign up with BetterHelp, you have to feed in your information about the type of help you’re seeking. Here’s a step-by-step process.

  • Start on the ‘Get Started’ Page: On the left hand side of the page or on the upper right hand side of the page, click on ‘Get Started’.
  • Choose additional preferences: Utilize the checkboxes to add your preferences so that you can land up with the most perfect professional.
  • Sign up with BetterHelp: Once you click on the ‘next’ button, you will reach a screen where you will sign up with BetterHelp to find out the potential therapist who has been selected for you.

So, now that you’re aware of the ways in which you can sign up with BetterHelp, what are you waiting for? Take into account the steps and get help from their expert professionals.…

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