July 10, 2020


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3 cloud architecture problems that need solutions

For the most section, cloud architecture is not that fascinating. By now we know generally what will work, what does not, and the approach to get to the proper target architecture. This indicates the two the meta or rational architecture and additional technological know-how to get to the actual physical architecture.

Though we know the very best styles for most of what cloud architecture requires, some issues are nevertheless currently being debated. No de facto resolution or very best apply has emerged however. In this article are my best three:

Very first, what goes on the edge? Edge computing has advantages, these types of as putting details processing nearer to the source of the details. Having said that, the dilemma stays: How does 1 partition details and processes in between a cloud-based server and an edge laptop?

Lots of force as substantially as they can to the edge, but notice that you are moving away from a centralized process (the community cloud), to several decentralized programs (the edge gadgets or servers). You require to realize that you will have to keep these edge programs, and they are substantially a lot more tough to keep track of, govern, secure, update, and configure. Multiply that exertion by hundreds of edge computing gadgets and you have bought an operational nightmare.

Next, what to containerize? Lots of enterprises say containers are their approach and not just an enabling technological know-how. This just about spiritual perception in the energy of containers has pushed several an application to the cloud in containers, but that is actually not how business need to be moving there.

The challenge is that there are no challenging and quick policies as to what can—and should—exist in a container. Legacy applications that will just take a great deal of exertion to refactor (rewrite) for containers are not most likely candidates on the other hand, in several instances, the cloud migration crew attempts to go them first.

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