January 16, 2021


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4 solid reasons why VPS Hosting’s market share will shoot up in 2020 

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The integrity of VPS hosting has made it the solution of choice for many companies to host their websites. In addition to the server benefits, low latency, and bandwidth that are made possible by VPS, websites offer many benefits that catapult their presence on the network.


One thing that needs to be mentioned is the increasing global demand for VPS. Although we have seen technologies such as cloud continue to change, industry survey data from Mauritius tells a different story. VPS hosting is on the rise and how. With an amazing 15.3% CAGR for three years, VPS is ready to go.


This article aims to show how the VPS hosting market share will break in 2020 especially for VPS in India and why. So without further delay here it is:


  1. Linux has a larger market size and is still important

At present, many companies deal with Linux-based applications, because of market and customer demand. So it can be said that Linux-based applications are becoming a trend and the size of the VPS hosting market is increasing day by day. The key factor for the VPS market share is the developer affinity to reduce all hardware in the data center and their entire infrastructure. With developers and business owners reducing security infrastructure, the potential to increase VPS hosting is even greater because the technology relies more on virtualization rather than physical resources.


  1. Larger companies possess a bigger share of the market

With large companies that focus on smaller volumes of hardware but perform better, it can be said with certainty that the growth of VPS hosting will be promoted in the coming years. The main reason for this is that large companies know how important it is to have a small infrastructure. If so, VPS hosting as a service offers more growth opportunities. This will complement the growth of the VPS market worldwide.


  1. Internet penetration in the APAC region will soon accelerate

One reason why VPS is the focus of attention around the world is the increased internet penetration of APAC, especially in India, China and Singapore. It does not mean that many companies will also host their company websites in these countries due to loose Internet rules, because the Internet and e-commerce sectors are still in their infancy. For this reason, companies that attach great importance to the confidentiality and security of their data tend to prefer VPS because they are very dependent on the bets they have tested. For them, assimilating the architecture and the framework of VPS hosting is not new, as is used by many companies in the region.


  1. VPS is preferred by companies not in favour of cloud

This may sound old-fashioned, but today many companies are migrating off cloud. One of the main reasons is data confidentiality and security. Entrepreneurs and CIOs argue that cloud hosting can trigger many attacks because of its new age technology. This difficulty makes them believe and use something as simple as VPS in India.


In the long run, companies only need one thing to host their website: security. If the hosting provider or hosting solution can meet this need, the service will definitely be purchased.


In closing

We hope you enjoy reading VPS hosting and know why this will be announced in 2020. If you have questions or problems, please do the same below. We will try to answer the same and ensure that your queries are solved.