April 15, 2021


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A Comprehensive Look At The Vivo Y12

The new Vivo Y12 smartphone offers a lot to the consumer market with its elegant design, stunning looks, and great features. The Yota Qlite also offers excellent prices for a smartphone in comparison to many other smartphones currently available on the market. The key feature that sets this smartphone apart from others is its unique dual screen feature. The handset offers users a feature that is only found on a handful of smartphone models, allowing them to use one display at a time for navigation purposes while the second display is used for viewing the notifications and other data that are displayed by the phone.

The phone has two displays

One display, or multi-touch display, can be used for inputting text on apps and watching videos. The second display is what you will use for browsing, watching videos, listening to music, taking pictures, reading emails, games, checking your calendar, and interacting with other devices. Because it is the only smartphone to offer such a feature, the Yota Qlite is truly versatile. The phone offers a very simple, yet efficient user interface, and offers many customizable features that can help make using the phone a pleasure.

Users have a choice between loading up on individual apps or accessing the Vivo Y12’s built-in web browser through the Android Software Facility. This gives users an enhanced browsing experience that offers faster page loading times and more efficient browsing through websites. This phone’s performance in the browser capabilities is quite impressive, as it is capable of playing high quality video and games, as well as fast downloading of content. If you want more features, then you can download additional apps that are available from Vivo. With the large selection of apps, you should have no problem finding a program or app that will make the experience of using the phone worthwhile.

Facial recognition technology

One of the most impressive smartphone features offered by Vivo is its facial recognition technology. This feature automatically identifies a person’s face and instantly recognizes actions like pulling your eye out to look at something, squinting, or simply making eye contact. This allows the vivo y12 to be used as a basic phone as well as an enhanced device that can identify tasks performed with the phone’s camera. If you have more than one person in the company who needs to use the phone at once, then this feature can come in handy. It could allow everyone in the office to quickly identify each other through facial recognition.

The battery life

While the Vivo Y12 might not be the next Nokia, it does come close, especially when it comes to the battery life. With a battery that lasts a full day on one charge, you shouldn’t have any issues using the phone during business trips or if you need to use it while traveling. The phone also offers a solid sound quality, which is always great to see from a smartphone. The Vivo Y12 also offers quick, easy access to the Android interface, which is a welcome feature for people who are used to touch screens on their smartphones.

In short, the Vivo Y12 might not be as fast as some of the other phones on the market today, but it does offer a number of features that will make the use of the phone worth your while. You will get more out of using the device if you give it a chance. It has an attractive price, which is great, especially for a smartphone, and a powerful sounding speaker. Additionally, the screen is large and text is legible, which is always nice. If you are looking for a phone that is affordable, has an impressive amount of functionality, plenty of storage, attractive design, and an extremely long battery life, the Vivo Y12 might be the perfect phone for you.