January 23, 2021


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Age and Gender Prediction From Face Images Using Attentional Convolutional Network

Computerized prediction of age and gender from a photo is a endeavor valuable in unique domains: biometrics, identity verification, online video surveillance, crowd conduct investigation, on the web ad, and other people. Most normally, this endeavor is executed employing deep neural networks.

Elderly man. Image credit: Pixnio, CC0 Public Domain

Aged male. Graphic credit: Pixnio, CC0 General public Domain

A recent paper on arXiv.org proposes a novel age and gender recognition strategy which combines the attentional network with the residual network. The previous lets to attend the most salient and enlightening parts of the deal with, e. g. the define, eyes, and wrinkles. As the effects display, the joint product outperforms both equally particular person versions.

Also, figuring out that facts about the person’s gender can direct to better age prediction, the authors of the study use predicted gender as an enter for the age prediction. The precision of gender detection was .965 and the precision of age selection detection .913.

Computerized prediction of age and gender from deal with visuals has drawn a good deal of awareness just lately, thanks it is large programs in various facial investigation troubles. Having said that, thanks to the big intra-class variation of deal with visuals (these types of as variation in lights, pose, scale, occlusion), the current versions are even now powering the wished-for precision stage, which is necessary for the use of these versions in real-earth programs. In this operate, we suggest a deep understanding framework, based mostly on the ensemble of attentional and residual convolutional networks, to forecast gender and age group of facial visuals with large precision price. Making use of awareness mechanism enables our product to aim on the significant and enlightening parts of the deal with, which can assist it to make a additional accurate prediction. We prepare our product in a multi-endeavor understanding vogue, and augment the feature embedding of the age classifier, with the predicted gender, and display that performing so can even more boost the precision of age prediction. Our product is qualified on a common deal with age and gender dataset, and reached promising effects. Through visualization of the awareness maps of the prepare product, we display that our product has uncovered to grow to be sensitive to the right areas of the deal with.

Link: https://arxiv.org/stomach muscles/2010.03791