June 2, 2020


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Can You Do Microdermabrasion at Home?

Microdermabrasion at home can provide people with the softer, younger looking skin they’ve been searching for without spending thousands of dollars at a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Microdermabrasion is a physical process that uses chemicals and other products to help slough off the rough layers of dried skin to improve the appearance of the skin.

When microdermabrasion at home is used, it has a number of impressive results. The first is that it removes the layers of dead, dry skin. This improves the appearance immediately by reducing lines that have formed over time. Another benefit is that it helps to regenerate skin cells now that they have been exposed to the daylight.

Over time, the dry skin cells can suppress the growth of more skin cells and collagen that aid in filling in lines. If this goes on long enough, a person can look years older than they really are because this has had enough time to pile up, layer after layer on the skin.

Many products can be found on the market within the industry of microdermabrasion at home. Many of these are chemical peels that use a series of chemicals to help stimulate skin cells and remove the first few layers. Because of the intensity of the chemicals, they can cause some reddening of the face and take a few days and possibly even weeks to completely calm down.

Depending upon the actual reason for wanting to use microdermabrasion at home, different products can be better than others. For example, those who are trying to reduce the scars from acne may need to use something stronger than those who are just looking for a fresher, cleaner face that is free of a few wrinkles.

Another popular product for microdermabrasion at home is a small appliance that works in conjunction with different cleansers. This appliance has a pad with a slightly rough surface that spins across the top layer of skin. This circular motion helps to remove that first layer quickly so that it can start the healing process.

The pads can be replaced over time as the surface starts to wear down. The cleaners usually contain abrasives that help to break into the first layer of skin as well. Many of the ingredients within the cleaners contain stem cell therapy that aids in new skin cell growth as well as replenishing collagen levels. Many cleaners also include natural ingredients that can reduce the pain as well as encourage more rapid healing.

There are also many reviews on products for microdermabrasion at home that should be read. These will help to determine which are best for different results. Some of the reviews include pricing, results as well as recovery times.

Finding microdermabrasion at home kits are very easy, though the results of each can range significantly. Consulting with a dermatologist can be one of the best ways to find out which method should be used. This will guarantee better results rather than wasting time or money on products that will be ultimately insufficient in reaching one’s goals.