June 7, 2020


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CheerpJ Java-to-JavaScript compiler boosts exception handling, native methods

Edition two.1 of the CheerpJ Java-to-WebAssembly-and-JavaScript compiler, introduced April 6, provides optimizations to exception managing and indigenous approaches.

Described as a maintenance launch, CheerpJ two.1 introduces optimizations for exception managing, which are now compiled to “much additional efficient” JavaScript code, according to a bulletin on the variation two.1 improve. In addition, indigenous Java reflection calls have been optimized, therefore reducing the overhead in comparison with common Java calls. The construct size of in advance-of-time JavaScript output has been minimized as well.

CheerpJ converts a Java client application into common HTML, JavaScript, and WebAssembly, functioning from Java bytecode with out requiring accessibility to resource code. CheerpJ two.1 also capabilities:

  • Advancements to the -stub-natives, a cheerpjfy.py possibility that creates stub JavaScript information for indigenous approaches, enabling progress of browser-centered implementations of indigenous approaches in JavaScript/WebAssembly.
  • Advancements to the robustness of the in advance-of-time compiler.
  • Advancements in Java-JavaScript interoperability.

CheerpJ included WebAsssembly support with launch two., which arrived in February.  CheerpJ two.1 is obtainable for Home windows, MacOS, and Linux at Ieaningtech.com. Developed and supported by Leaning Systems, CheerpJ works on Java Swing clientele, Java applets, and Java libraries.

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