January 27, 2023


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Dubbed the period of bio revolution, the 21st century has observed a speedy ascent in bioscience breakthroughs.[1] It has accelerated life science innovation and opened doors to world wide transformation throughout many industries, this sort of as:

•    Agriculture—CRISPR edited crops
•    Energy—Biofuels
•    Consumer Goods—DNA based mostly cosmetics and plant-primarily based proteins 

Organic applications are anticipated to create up to 4 trillion pounds in annual economic influence by 2040.[2] On the other hand, noticing this chance is dependent on equipping organizations with the right knowledge intelligence to travel innovation from discovery to commercialization.

Sign up for our panel of experts as they explore how the convergence of biological sciences in their industries has impacted the pace of innovation, collaboration, regulatory worries, sustainability and the purpose that knowledge performs in aiding them navigate it all. 

Topics involve:

•    What prospects and challenges has the bio revolution produced in the buyer merchandise, manufacturing, and technology industries? 
•    How data and analytics can assistance navigate the convergence of biological sciences.
•    What regulatory problems arise as organic innovations go from the lab to industrial adoption?
•    Ways innovation teams control information gaps in companies to embrace bioscience applications.

1. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/05/the-biorevolution-is-kicking-off-heres-how-to-harness-its-prospects-early-on/
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