July 6, 2020


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History behind the groundbreaking AlphaGo AI revealed in a new documentary

The recreation of Go is a single of the most ancient, whilst also being a single of the most sophisticated in terms of attainable combinations of moves and approaches. It has been also a hard ‘nut’ to crack for the device discovering and synthetic intelligence experts.

This year, on March 9, it was the 4th anniversary of a world-popular party, wherever AI challenged the legendary Go master for the initial time ever. There is an attention-grabbing story powering this party, as effectively as the development of the method itself that was applied for this purpose.

This documentary presents a great deal of attention-grabbing strategies about the long term of device discovering, its potential to create new and primary approaches, and also raises numerous concerns about our personal head.

You can view the online video beneath:

Source: DeepMind on YouTube