February 4, 2023


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How to preserve your precious voice mail messages

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For some people today, vital — and even downright treasured — messages only reside on in the sort of voice mails. Here’s how to maintain them just in situation everything at any time transpires to your phone or cell phone assistance.

  1. Open the Telephone app and faucet Voicemail.
  2. Locate the voice mail you want to save and click it.
  3. Tap the square share icon in the major-correct corner.
  4. Send out a copy of the recording by way of email, AirDrop, iCloud Drive upload — whichever you choose.
  1. Open the Cellphone app and decide on your voice mail. If your telephone has a different voice mail app, open up that as a substitute.
  2. Come across the voice mail you want to protect and faucet it.
  3. Tap the share icon, which appears to be like three dots linked by two strains.
  4. Mail a copy of the recording through email, Google Travel — no matter what you prefer.

Note: Mainly because Android cell phone makers personalize their products otherwise, the approach for yours could vary from these directions. If which is the scenario for you, permit us know.

Change on your speakerphone, engage in the voice mail and history it on a different product. Lots of smartphones or tablets have built-in voice memo or recorder applications that you can use free. As for laptops, they almost definitely have a designed-in microphone — you just need the ideal application. We propose using the no cost app Audacity for Windows or Mac’s built-in QuickTime Player to document the audio.

If you want your saved voice mail to audio as excellent as doable, you will have to connect your mobile phone immediately to your laptop or computer with an audio cable.

For numerous newer flip phones, you can use a popular auxiliary cable — it has a normal 3.5mm headphone plug on every conclude. (You may possibly previously have a person if you have at any time connected your mobile phone or MP3 player to your motor vehicle stereo.) If your cell phone is more mature, it might only settle for a little, 2.5mm jack, but don’t fret: 2.5mm-to-3.5mm cables are even now simple to discover.

When you have your cable, plug one particular close into your cellphone and the other into your computer’s microphone port — you can generally place these by wanting for a headphone jack with smaller microphone icon or pink trim.

Then hearth up your recording app of decision and decide your mobile phone as the “input.”

In Audacity, your cellular phone (maybe heading by the title “microphone” or “microphone array”) need to appear in the fall-down menu subsequent to the microphone icon. If you’re applying QuickTime on a Mac, click File, then New Audio Recording, then simply click the small down-facing arrow icon upcoming to the document button and choose your cellphone.

Eventually, commence the recording by clicking the significant purple button, then press enjoy on the voice mail on your phone. If every thing came with each other properly, you are going to now have a higher-top quality copy of that important voice message.

Once you have recorded the voice mail on the system of your preference, save it (at times this happens routinely) and place it someplace for safekeeping.

No matter how you preserve a duplicate of these voice mails, we advise placing them in additional than 1 position — say, your laptop or computer, an exterior drive and in cloud storage — just to be secure.