January 27, 2023


For computer aficionados

HTC Dream – A Smart Phone With Oodles of Technological Marvels

The HTC Dream is a new blend style and technology. In Europe and US, it is also recognized as G1 T-Mobile. If you are looking for a smart phone, this handset may serve you as the best ever choice. It is an internet enabled phone, having the Google designed operating system and the HTC designed hardware. What is more innovative about this handset is that HTC Dream is the first Android handset.

HTC Dream is rich in features and some of them are as follows:

CPU: This handset has ARM based processor and comes with several inbuilt features such as 3G capabilities and wireless Bluetooth technology.

Display: It comes with a HVGA display which has a 3.2 inch ‘TFT LCD flat glass screen. It has a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and is touch-sensitive. It offers you a feather touch screen which requires no stylus.

Keyboard: HTC Dream offers you a sliding screen and a five row QWERTY keyboard. For easy switching from one application to another, it has been given with six navigation buttons which are flanked in the unit.

Camera: It is also a camera phone having 3.2 mega pixels and auto focus functionality. So you can capture your memorable moments and enjoy yourself to watch them whenever you like.

Audio: It comes with an EXTUSB jack and it is attuned to mini USB. Because of this special feature, you need not go for any headphone jack.

Video: As regards to the video feature of this handset, it works on the 3GPP, MPEG4, H.264, and 3GP file formats. For video recording, it has been facilitated with an integrated camera of 352 x 288 pixel resolution. This video feature will help you enjoy at best and make the most of the mobile phone.