May 16, 2021


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Komprise stretches NAS migration tool for multi-cloud use

Komprise rearchitected the NAS-to-NAS migration software it launched a year ago to tackle the purchaser ache position of shifting data throughout a vast place community to 1 or extra sites or clouds.

The startup designed the stand-on your own Analytics-Pushed Knowledge Migration software strictly for NAS migrations about a nearby place community (LAN). Komprise renamed the solution Elastic Knowledge Migration with the freshly included abilities for a WAN. Elastic Knowledge Migration is out there as a stand-on your own solution or as section of the extra in depth Komprise Smart Knowledge Management software.

Customers can continue to use Elastic Knowledge Migration for NAS-to-NAS migrations about a LAN. But they are going to now also be able to shift data from on-premises NAS or object systems throughout a WAN to file or object suppliers in 1 or extra community clouds, as very well as in between community clouds.

Migrations are a significant problem with traditional NAS systems, particularly individuals of important sizing, in accordance to Enrico Signoretti, a investigate analyst at GigaOm. He said most IT corporations use free of charge instruments these types of as rsync and robocopy to migrate.

“The problem is that these migrations are elaborate, bandwidth is constrained at situations, and you won’t get them finished as soon as possible” with the free of charge program, Signoretti said.

Signoretti said the Komprise Elastic Knowledge Migration program would simplify and pace the operation and reduce downtime, as very well as the effects on conclusion-user efficiency.

Knowledge migrations are actually hard. There’s a lot of means to fix the problem, and none of them are excellent.
Scott SinclairSenior analyst, ESG

Knowledge migration was the second most typically discovered problem relevant to file storage in an August 2019 study of 372 IT professional finished by Organization Strategy Group (ESG). ESG senior analyst Scott Sinclair said in addition to free of charge program, big storage distributors and cloud suppliers offer migration choices, but the instruments are commonly made to shift data to their personal systems.

“Knowledge migrations are actually hard. There’s a lot of means to fix the problem, and none of them are excellent,” Sinclair said. “Obtaining a software that will make it extremely simple for ‘any to any’ file motion simplifies 1 of the most elaborate, time-consuming and riskiest procedures in IT proper now, which is undertaking a significant migration of a bunch of file storage.”

Komprise Elastic Knowledge Migration allows shoppers shift data files about WANs to multiple community and private cloud storage systems.

Komprise will make considerable alterations

Komprise considerably changed its unique migration software to tackle the latency concerns related with WAN-centered migrations. Elastic Knowledge Migration automatically adapts and manages parallelism at multiple ranges — which includes file shares and volumes, directories and threads — to harmony the load and enhance general performance.

“We do that for these WAN conditions mainly because you want to eke out any general performance obtain that you can get to reduce the community latency,” Komprise COO Krishna Subramanian said. “This auto parallelism at distinctive ranges is really technically not simple to do, but it truly is required if you want to be efficient about a WAN.”

Elastic Knowledge Migration seeks to reduce round journeys about the community and NFS protocol “chatter” to enhance efficiency and general performance. The Komprise software also does MD5 checksums on every single file or object to make sure the migrated data remains intact with all its related permissions and metadata.

“Quite a few of our shoppers are now going to multi-cloud, and they have been inquiring for our data migration to be efficient about a large-latency community,” Subramanian said. “More and more, shoppers are declaring, ‘I’m going to transform off this data heart and just go to the cloud.’ Or, ‘I will not want to just go to 1 cloud, I want to go to two clouds. I want to acquire every thing in my Amazon cloud and copy it into the Azure cloud.'”

Common migration use instances

The most common migration use instances are going from NFS-to-NFS or SMB-to-SMB file-centered storage, or S3-to-S3 object suppliers — not from file-centered storage to object-centered storage, Subramanian said. She drew distinctions in between migration, wherever a purchaser turns off the unique storage system and absolutely moves data to another system, and archiving, wherever a purchaser shifts cold data to the cloud but keeps the unique storage operating.

Subramanian said cloud file storage choices these types of as Amazon’s Elastic File Method (EFS) and FSx for Home windows File Server, Azure Files, Google Cloud Filestore and NetApp Cloud Volumes OnTap are expanding in recognition.

While Komprise can migrate file data to object suppliers in the cloud, Komprise has no types on starting to be a cloud gateway, these types of as Nasuni or Panzura, with a file system. Subramanian said Komprise will carry on to concentrate on analyzing, shifting and controlling data.

“We are supplying you a view to the data, but we are not really declaring use us as the entrance conclusion to your data,” Subramanian said. “If you are in [AWS] S3 and you want to boost some data to EFS and come across individuals data files, we give you a file view so you can come across the data files you want and shift them to EFS. We’re not undertaking key data obtain.”

Komprise Smart Knowledge Management fees $130 for each terabyte, and Elastic Knowledge Migration is $95 for each terabyte, with quantity discounts out there.