April 15, 2021


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Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum review: Quiet 2-in-1 cleaning and a long battery life Review

The Kyvol S31 robot vacuum is the hottest in line of robot vacuums that routinely empties the robot’s onboard dustbin, a boon for persons like me who obtain the daily emptying of the robot’s dustbin a bit of a drag.

Its charging base has an integrated charging base with a 4.3L self-emptying dustbin. So when the robot receives back to its base, the dust is extracted into the charging base.

The robot itself is powerful with a 3000Pa suction motor, which is the most powerful motor I have at any time tried using. It is tranquil, way too, at about forty five decibels so is rarely apparent in use.

The S31 takes advantage of Laser Length Sensors (LDS) to navigate and retail store the map of the location. It has a lengthy runtime of up to four hours from its 5,200mAh battery — but I uncovered that it by no means ran out of battery no make a difference how a great deal it cleaned the location.

If the battery does get minimal, the Kyvol S31 will go back to its charging base and recharge, before likely back to the very last location it cleaned and finishing the job.

Like lots of robot vacuums, via the app, you can pick out cleaning zones, and utilize a cleaning plan. The app was easy to install and connect to the S31 – but I experienced major problems right after I installed the app.

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The app resolved that the firmware of the S31 required to be up-to-date. It would not update the firmware until eventually the battery was billed to far more than 20%. The robot showed a pulsing white mild — indicating it was completely billed — but I could not update the firmware.

I retained the robot on its charger for 3 days and checked various occasions that the charge factors had been not lined in plastic movie, and the on-board battery was performing. I could not get previous the firmware update on the app.

I gave up and resolved to use the robot manually by employing the provided distant regulate device. Surprisingly, right after the first sweep initiated by the distant regulate, the firmware up-to-date and I could alter the options in the app as ordinary.

Due to the fact then, the app has offered me no issues at all. The app is enough — but not as advanced as the Roborock or Ecovacs apps. It appears a little pixelated in comparison to many others. Having said that, it has similar options to configure and does not look to absence options.

You can also regulate the robot by voice, but I prefer the ‘set it and overlook it’ technique employing the plan to cleanse the floor each and every day. I typically overlook to use voice-activated products, and I do not want to be all around when the robot is doing its bit.

When the robot has finished its cleanse it goes back to its dock and swivels all around so it successfully reverses into its parking slot. The motor on the car-emptying station sucks the filth out of its onboard dustbin. The robot then swivels all around once more to charge itself.

Like lots of other robot vacuums, the S31 can sweep and mop floors at the exact same time. The mopping fabric wipes the floor as the robot moves forward. It does not scrub the floor like the Deebot mopping accessory or the vibrating mop of the Hobot Legee 688.

It is fine for day to day mopping, but if your floors get really soiled, I would suggest that you scrubbed the floors first and then set the robot for daily mopping. The only challenge is that when the mopping module is on the robot, then the robot will not car-empty itself.

The mopping module tank is only 110ml, so if you have a significant expanse of challenging flooring, you will need to have to fill up the module far more typically. I pre-soaked the mopping fabric to make confident that the fabric starts off to mop right away and there are no dry locations until eventually the mop fabric gets moist.

Like the Neabot, the mild on the charging station is unbelievably bright and lights up the home in the middle of the evening. This could be an difficulty if you keep the Kyvol S31 in your bed room. You could need to have to mask the mild to get a truly darkish home if you do not need to have a nightlight.

Having said that, these are smaller issues, and now I have an understanding of how to get access to the app, for below $250 the Kyvol Cybovac S31 is a joy to use.

It has been a enjoyment attempting this effective, powerful robot — fantastic for any one who hates emptying the vacuum’s dustbin.