August 5, 2020


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Morgan Stanley customer data left on decommissioned servers – Finance – Security

US bank Morgan Stanley has posted letters to an unidentified total of clients, notifying them of possible information breaches involving sensitive individual information still left on servers and storage sent to recyclers and on an encrypted travel misplaced at a department business office.

A duplicate of the letter was posted on Twitter by safety researcher Dan Tentler of Phobos Team.

The letter is dated July nine this yr US time, and describes an incident in 2016 when Morgan Stanley shut two information centres and decommissioned the equipment in equally of them.

“As is customary, we contracted with a vendor to eliminate the information from the units,” the letter reads.

“We subsequently discovered that selected units believed to have been wiped of all information however contained some information.” 

In a individual incident 3 many years later, the bank said it disconnected and changed a laptop server at an unnamed Morgan Stanley department business office.

The server experienced information that could have provided individual information stored on encrypted disks, and the machine was misplaced by Morgan Stanley.

Some of the information on the server storage could be readable, Morgan Stanley advised.

“The suppliers subsequently educated us of application flaw that could have resulted in modest quantities of previously deleted information information remaining on the disks in unencrypted sort,” the bank said.

The individual information in the information breach could comprise account names and numbers at Morgan Stanley and any connected bank accounts, US social safety numbers, passport numbers, call information, dates of start, as effectively as asset price and holdings information.

Nonetheless, the total of clients included in the information breach was not disclosed by the bank.

Morgan Stanley said the information did not consist of the bank’s on line companies passwords, and that it is not mindful of any entry to or misuse of the individual information still left on the units.

Nonetheless, as there is a chance of misuse of the breached sensitive individual information, Morgan Stanley is now giving two years’ worth of credit checking and fraud detection to clients for cost-free.

A similar privacy lapse also occurred in 2016, when the Commonwealth Financial institution admitted subcontractor Fuji Xerox misplaced two magnetic back up tapes sent to be wrecked.

The tapes contained information on 19.8 million clients, and have been not observed just after remaining misplaced.