February 4, 2023


For computer aficionados

Need A Linux Kernel Module? Scratch That

If you have been for (or versus) Rust in the Linux kernel, get completely ready for a Linux kernel module penned in… Scratch. That’s appropriate. Scratch, the MIT-made language with blocks common for training kids to code. We didn’t suggest “from scratch.” We intended IN Scratch. The bootstrap code and Makefile is out there on GitHub.

Of training course, it is a very simple module and the purpose it is achievable is due to the fact of the scratchnative system that lets you compile Scratch into C code. If you want to look at the decidedly very simple code, you can open it in your browser.

We don’t t imagine any person is severely suggesting you start off performing this form of progress in Scratch, but it is type of awesome that you can do it at all.

Not actually more sensible, but we’ve also viewed what promises to be an full functioning program published in Scratch. Truthfully, we are not fluent ample with Scratch to comprehend what it genuinely does but the code appears like it is just throwing some people on the display making use of memory entry.

We questioned what sort of matters persons would create with Scratch 3.. Now we know.  Of study course, our favored Scratch software was flying our low-priced drone.