May 29, 2020


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Redox-Flow Cell Stores Renewable Energy as Hydrogen

When it arrives to renewables, the huge concern is: How do we retail outlet all that vitality for use afterwards on? Because such vitality is intermittent in nature, storing it when there is a surplus is vital to ensuring a continuous supply—for rainy times (basically), at night, or when the wind does not blow.

Working with today’s lithium-ion batteries for prolonged-term grid storage is not possible for a number of good reasons. For case in point, they have fastened charge capacities and really do not keep charge very well more than prolonged intervals of time. 

The solution, some suggest, is to retail outlet vitality chemically—in the kind of hydrogen fuel—rather than electrically. This will involve making use of devices referred to as electrolyzers that make use of renewable vitality to split drinking water into hydrogen and oxygen fuel.