May 29, 2020


Connecting People

Rethinking software developer events after COVID-19

What if you held an function for software program builders and no one particular showed up? If you’re a developer advocate, or in any form of developer marketing position (even if you never contact it that), that is not your nightmare, that is your fact. Developers all around the environment are holed up in their bunkers with the chilly blue glow of their LED screens reflecting from their faces. They are not going to meet up with-ups or person groups, and they certainly are not getting on airplanes to go to conferences.

So how do events go virtual? I asked one particular developer advocate, Jessica West of Start Darkly, about what is going on with developer events in a environment where no one particular reveals up physically.

Why are developer events important?

I know a whole lot of builders who have never ever gone to a meet up with-up, allow by yourself a conference. I also know a whole lot of builders who right up until not too long ago appeared to stay in an plane and go to each and every function. So one particular of the questions I had was why are events important? Why ought to a developer care?

According to West, developer events are important because they allow for individuals to connect with the group. If you’re a new developer, you can chat with other builders starting off their job. Or if you’re a seasoned developer who is mastering one thing new, you can meet up with other builders who have currently been there and accomplished that. For any developer wanting for a career or hoping to degree up a job, events are an chance to discover from some others by equally networking and talks.