January 22, 2021


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Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum hands-on: AI camera eliminates pet poop disasters Review

I definitely like the variety of Roborock robotic vacuums. Economical cleaning, reliable, and rugged, with an application that is straightforward to connect to and configure. I was seeking forward to the hottest model in the Roborock variety.

The Roborock S6 MaxV robotic vacuum is now obtainable, and I had an early possibility to examination this robotic vacuum forward of its official launch day.

Though it at first seems to be related to the S5 Max robotic vacuum I reviewed in March 2020, the S6 MaxV also has a dual digicam in the front bumper, which will identify objects in its route utilizing impediment avoidance technology called Reactive AI.

Pet poop and electrical cable recognition in a room

Eileen Brown

The digicam estimates the place and dimensions and will reroute its route all-around the object. The photographs are captured at 30fps utilizing a Qualcomm AP 8053 processor to capture objects down to 5cm broad x 3cm higher. It will even avoid a cup of espresso placed on the flooring.

The S6 MaxV will identify and establish 5 different groups of objects and will show the diploma of certainty on the application map. It acknowledges scales, electrical power strips, footwear, pedestals, and pet waste. If you have ever examine the submit about what occurs when a Roomba encounters pet poop, then you will understand what a boon digicam recognition could be for your house if you have animals.

The S6 MaxV will also identify unidentified objects and will cleanse all-around them, far too, marking them on the map. 

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If you are concerned about security challenges — like digicam photographs of your messy area likely to the cloud — there is a privateness sticker on the digicam. This reads: “To defend your privateness photographs captured by Reactive AI cameras are processed onboard and promptly deleted.” No information is duplicated, saved, or despatched to the cloud.

I suppose you could depart the sticker on the digicam go over if you were being so fearful, but that would negate the object recognition features of the S6 MaxV. The vacuum has a effective suction of 2500Pa — but at 67dB it appears significantly quieter than other, much less effective robotic vacuums, and its 460ml potential dustbin means much less frequent emptying.

It is definitely straightforward to connect the S6 MaxV application. Scan the QR code on the device to connect the system. Reply the “Do you have animals?” dilemma and hold out right up until the robotic has paired. This dilemma appears strange, but it ensures that the robotic will include the pet poop recognition function to the digicam.

If you have had the robotic for a couple of months, and then get a pet, you can change the location in the application to guarantee that the S6 MaxV will glimpse out for pet poop in foreseeable future cycles.

It finds this object, far too. Roborock kindly supplied a incredibly practical plastic pet poop sample for the S6 MaxV to avoid.

On the application, click “enter” and configure the settings this sort of as mopping h2o amounts and suction electrical power as perfectly as location schedules for each individual zone or unique room of the overall area. When the robotic has mapped out your area it acknowledges rooms, coloring them independently for you to set unique cleaning schedule situations.

Hands on with the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum. Intelligent camera for no more pet poop disasters zdnet

EIleen Brown

It scans the room utilizing the LIDAR radar on the top of the robotic. The detailed map of the area enables you to set places wherever the robotic is not to go.

You can set independent no-mop places — in rooms with carpets — or configure places wherever the robotic is not to vacuum. You can also set different schedules for each individual zone or room mapped.

The room recognition function can split each individual stage into different rooms. Objects that it prevented are shown on the map together with a stage of assurance in share for each individual product recognized, which is impressive.

Hands on with the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum. Intelligent camera for no more pet poop disasters zdnet

EIleen Brown

If you have a massive area to cleanse — and the vacuum has not bought ample battery remaining to complete the area — it will return to its charging dock, and recharge alone right up until it has enough battery to return to the area and complete the cleanse.

Its 5,200mAh battery will go over all-around 250 square meters — a lot more than ample for a reasonably-sized set of rooms.

The S6 MaxV’s mopping function is incredibly related to the S5 Max. The mop offers spring force to the flooring to give an even mop during the cleaning cycle.

The mop will cleanse up to 200 square meters of difficult flooring in advance of returning to be recharged.

If your flooring is filthy, you may well want to cleanse it manually first. This is a daily mopping and vacuuming robotic — not a deep cleaning flooring washing robotic

I specifically like the multi-stage mapping function. The robotic acknowledges that it is on a different flooring of your house (it will identify up to four different amounts) and will bear in mind the different no-go, no-mop zones and no-go traces for each individual flooring (up to 10).

The application also demonstrates the mapping route taken by the robotic vacuum. You can see the place and progress of the S6 MaxV when it is cleaning the room. If you reduce the robotic, the Uncover my robotic backlink invokes a “Hello, I am over below” voice so you can identify it.

The only issue I had when the robotic was in use was that it has problems finding over 1 of my thresholds, which is bigger than all other thresholds in the household. Most robots I have tried using have a tendency to give up with an mistake.

Nevertheless, sometimes the S6 MaxV moved together the threshold to a decrease element and correctly crossed into the other room. It appears to be a lot more “rugged” than some other vacuums that gave up at this place.

However, it did not bear in mind the simplest element of the threshold to cross and bought caught about 1 in 5 situations. But, I am splitting hairs below, hoping to obtain a fault in an normally fantastic system.

All in all, the Roborock S6 MaxV is a wonderful higher-conclusion robotic vacuum with impediment avoidance and an application that is straightforward to configure. For $749, it could be the only robotic vacuum you will ever want to buy.