June 2, 2020


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Studies reveal that e-cigarettes reduce lung cancer risk in smokers

E-cigarettes have been in the market for a little over a decade, and for most of that time, most users have been unsure of whether they are good for their health, or whether they are just as harmful as their combustible counterparts.

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Most e-cigarette opponents claim these products are just as dangerous as combustible cigarettes. However, science has shown us that these are just baseless claims meant to demonize a product that could reduce the risk of lung cancer by more than 90 percent.

Vapor vs Smoke

Many people assume that tobacco in regular cigarettes is the most harmful ingredient. But that’s just plain wrong. Tobacco is the addictive ingredient. The tar produced in the smoke emitted while smoking is what causes lung cancer. This smoke is so dangerous that cigarettes have been credited as the leading cause of preventable deaths around the world.

E-cigarettes don’t emit smoke, they emit vapor. This is the major difference between these two products and what makes one way safer than the other. The vapor has no tar, making it safer than the smoke produced by regular cigarettes.

Studies show that the cancer risk caused by vaping emissions is 1 percent of the risk posed by smoking. This makes vaping not just safer for you, but also those around you who would have had to suffer the fatal consequences of secondhand smoke.

Vaping liquids have fewer harmful chemicals

While tar may be the most dangerous byproduct of smoking, it is not the only dangerous component of regular cigarettes. Burning cigarettes produce more than 7000 carcinogenic products that can cause cancer and other serious health complications. However, vaping liquids have far fewer harmful chemicals in them, which could explain why they pose a considerably lower risk of cancer in their users.

Vaping can improve the lives of cancer patients who smoke

While vaping can help prevent lung cancer in smokers, it’s important to note that it can also improve the lives of smokers who already suffer cancer. Given how addictive tobacco is, it is very difficult to stop smoking even when you are diagnosed with cancer. But continuous smoking after a lung cancer diagnoses can take you to the grave faster.

For lung cancer patients who want to continue enjoying tobacco, vaping is the safest alternative. Its emissions don’t aggravate the symptoms of lung cancer and can offer you a safe way to enjoy tobacco without killing yourself.

Escape lung cancer today

Lung cancer cases have been decreasing rapidly among tobacco users as vaping increases.

If you’ve not already made the switch, you should do it today. Vaping websites such as e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk can help you get acquainted with the vaping basics and set you along your path to a healthier and cancer-free life.