January 27, 2023


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Text2Human: Text-Driven Controllable Human Image Generation

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have enabled substantial fidelity picture era. Human complete-human body photographs, nevertheless, are less explored. A the latest paper on arXiv.org proposes the Textual content2Human framework for the job of textual content-pushed controllable human technology. It generates photograph-sensible human photos from pure language descriptions.

Artificial intelligence - abstract artistic concept.

Synthetic intelligence – summary artistic notion. Picture credit history: Alexandra Koch via PublicDomainPictures.web

The system is divided into two levels: to begin with, a human parsing mask with varied outfits shapes is created centered on the given human pose and person-specified texts describing the garments styles. Then, the mask is enriched with diverse textures of garments based on texts describing the textures. Additionally, a significant-scale and high-good quality human graphic dataset is introduced to aid the process of controllable human synthesis.

Quantitative and qualitative evaluations demonstrate that the framework generates extra diverse and real looking human pictures when compared to condition-of-the-art procedures.

Generating superior-excellent and assorted human pictures is an significant nonetheless tough activity in vision and graphics. However, present generative designs usually drop short below the high variety of outfits styles and textures. In addition, the era course of action is even preferred to be intuitively controllable for layman end users. In this do the job, we current a textual content-driven controllable framework, Textual content2Human, for a higher-high quality and assorted human generation. We synthesize complete-system human pictures starting up from a given human pose with two devoted steps. 1) With some texts describing the designs of apparel, the presented human pose is very first translated to a human parsing map. 2) The remaining human impression is then created by giving the procedure with additional attributes about the textures of apparel. Specially, to design the diversity of outfits textures, we establish a hierarchical texture-knowledgeable codebook that retailers multi-scale neural representations for every type of texture. The codebook at the coarse degree involves the structural representations of textures, while the codebook at the good level focuses on the facts of textures. To make use of the learned hierarchical codebook to synthesize ideal illustrations or photos, a diffusion-primarily based transformer sampler with combination of experts is firstly utilized to sample indices from the coarsest level of the codebook, which then is applied to predict the indices of the codebook at finer levels. The predicted indices at various concentrations are translated to human visuals by the decoder acquired accompanied with hierarchical codebooks. The use of combination-of-gurus allows for the produced picture conditioned on the high-quality-grained text input. The prediction for finer level indices refines the excellent of outfits textures. Intensive quantitative and qualitative evaluations display that our proposed framework can crank out a lot more numerous and realistic human images compared to point out-of-the-art strategies.

Investigate article: Jiang, Y., Yang, S., Qiu, H., Wu, W., Modify Loy, C., and Liu, Z., “Text2Human: Text-Pushed Controllable Human Graphic Generation”, 2022. Hyperlink: https://arxiv.org/abs/2205.15996
Challenge page: https://yumingj.github.io/initiatives/Textual content2Human.html