August 11, 2020


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Top Web Development Trends Coming in 2020

JavaScript and Python

In the field of web programming, trends are no less developed. We at WebSailors use Javascript from 2017 to today. This is a modern trend in web development.  Continuing to develop, it is a key tool for most web developers. Javascript-based libraries are becoming more flexible, powerful, and convenient.


Blockchain and its popularity in the webspace are known among the trends in website development. If you have not had to deal with this concept, try to figure out what’s what. Blockchain is a way of general storage of information data. Blockchain Hyperledger is one of the best frameworks. In simple words – this is all the information that is located on thousands of computers around the world, and not in one particular place.

Web Development Machine Learning

Being on the wave of global adoption of smart devices. A few years ago, devices were used as fun or entertainment. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Large international companies are starting to introduce IT in various sectors of the economy. The main thing is to choose a good outsourcing software development company.

Smart devices allow you to use resources more efficiently. There are unlimited opportunities for increasing efficiency for the business of absolutely any industry. Statistics show that by 2025 the number of smart devices will increase by almost 4 times.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPA development is gaining popularity using javascript most often. There is nothing to be surprised at, because SPA works perfectly on all devices and demonstrates high productivity and development speed. Most developers consider SPA applications to be popular. Analyzing the 2019 web technologies, we can conclude that in 2020, the number of SPA will grow. Since most users are increasingly using mobile gadgets.

Neural networks

Artificial Neural Networks is the 2020 web development. A program that actively implements the neural structures of the human brain. In a simple form, ANNs mimic the behavior of brain cells. For example, the spam filter of your email: incoming information can be represented by a to-do list, which are usually found in spam messages, and the original information by a classification for push notifications (determining the presence of spam).

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