January 16, 2021


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TypeScript 3.8 release candidate arrives

TypeScript 3.eight, a new variation of Microsoft’s typed superset of JavaScript, is now accessible in a release candidate variation. The latest TypeScript up grade emphasizes sort-only imports and exports and ECMAScript criteria compliance.

The release adds a new syntax for sort-only imports and exports, with the intent of offering customers additional wonderful-grained manage around import and elision. The import sort syntax only imports declarations to be made use of for sort annotations and declarations and usually receives totally erased. The export sort syntax only supplies an export to be made use of for sort contexts and is erased from TypeScript output.

TypeScript has made use of JavaScript’s import syntax to empower reference kinds. Whilst practical, the ability only labored for the reason that of the import elision characteristic, which omits TypeScript sort imports when TypeScript outputs JavaScript data files. However, import elision has been both insufficient and problematic.

In conjunction with import sort, TypeScript 3.eight also adds a compiler flag to manage what comes about with imports that will not be made use of at runtime: importsNotUsedAsValues.

With regards to the ECMAScript regular for JavaScript, TypeScript 3.eight adds guidance for ECMAScript private fields, which is aspect of a class fields declaration proposal for JavaScript. Community and private fields will be built-in into one, orthogonal whole, in accordance to this proposal.

Other improvements promised in TypeScript 3.eight incorporate: