May 29, 2020


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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub has a price that’s hard to swallow

The Weber Hub device has ports for up to 4 temperature probes.


Cooking meals outside the house over fire is an historic practice. A new gadget from Weber, although, makes an attempt to merge the old means with the new. For $129 the Weber Link Intelligent Grilling Hub accessory is made to change any primary barbecue grill into a wise, online-related one. And by its mobile app, the Weber Link can walk you by recipes phase by phase.


  • Brilliant screen
  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Weather conditions-resistant

Will not Like

  • High priced
  • Difficult set up
  • Not many recipes

I admit it sounds desirable. I’ll gladly acquire any support to automate my backyard cooks. Considerably less time stressing usually means more time comforting or tackling weekend chores. As well as, if the Weber Link can stop me from ruining expensive cuts of meat, that’s income perfectly used. So I took the merchandise for a whirl, and this is what took place. 

Within the Weber Link box is the key hub device, and two temperature probes. 

Brian Bennett/CNET

What is in the box

Packed within the box is the key Weber Link device. It can be a nondescript black plastic square about the size of a hockey puck. On the back again edge of it are ports for 4 temperature probes. Weber materials two in the kit, one for ambient grill temperatures and one for meals. 

You also get a USB cable, Micro-USB on one stop and normal size on the other. You use this to charge the Link device. Likewise you can operate the device off a suitable AC adapter or an exterior battery.

The set up

The first phase is to charge the Weber Connect’s battery. That can acquire a fantastic amount of time (about a few to 4 hours) based on its charge amount. Yet another annoyance I ran into was a barrage of application updates. 

Applying my Pixel 3XL (working Android 10) and the Weber Link app, I could not pair with the Weber Link ideal away. Just before that took place, the app instructed me to down load and implement numerous firmware updates.

I absolutely bear in mind working at the very least 6 update cycles, but right after that I missing rely. There ended up glitches way too. For occasion, in the starting the app would regularly ignore my house Wi-FI qualifications minutes right after I entered them. It was not until I taken off and reinstalled the app that the concern went away.

Fortunately the bodily side of things is dead basic. Just hook up the two probes to any of the 4 ports on the device. Use the ambient probe’s metallic clip to secure it to your grill grate. If you have a grill with a side desk, area the Weber Link there. Incredibly hot grill surfaces will problems it.

I do like the Weber Connect’s vivid LED screen. It can be significant and straightforward to study even beneath extreme daylight.

The Weber Link app provides instructions for grill set up.

Brian Bennett/CNET

Cooking with the Weber Link

I was anticipating the software to have some wild and demanding recipes. That is been my experience with Traeger app for the firm’s pellet grills. What the Weber Link app provides, on the other hand, is utilitarian. There are 5 meals sections to pick from (purple meat, pork, poultry, fish, lamb). The “purple meat” and “lamb” places had the most options. 

That mentioned, every offers numerous cuts of meat, together with ribeye steaks, rib roast, lamb chops and so on. Most of the variation right here, having said that, resides in every cut’s doneness amount (unusual, medium unusual, medium, medium perfectly, perfectly done).

The app does not have instructions for cooking chicken thighs. That, my pal, is a severe offence. I was capable to cook these making use of the Weber Connect’s manual method.

Brian Bennett/CNET

The app handles many grill and barbecue staples. A couple ended up notably lacking. For occasion, there was no chicken thigh cooking system beneath poultry. That is a substantial omission in my e book. Roasted and wood-smoked chicken thighs are one of life’s terrific pleasures. You can set up a manual cook in the app although. I employed it to grill some thighs to an inner temperature of a hundred seventy five levels Fahrenheit at three hundred levels F.

The app also offers cooking directions in genuine time. 

Brian Bennett/CNET

I did uncover the Weber Connect’s brisket recipe to be location-on. Although I relied on the charcoal snake method to control grill temperatures in my Weber Classic, I followed the app’s other guidance. I smoked the meat reduced and gradual (225 F) for 7 hours. Then I wrapped the brisket in foil and ongoing using tobacco it for an additional 5 hours.

I employed the Weber Link to preserve an eye on my brisket temperature whilst it rested in faux cambro. 

Brian Bennett/CNET

Past, I wrapped the meat (still in foil) in towels then placed it in an empty cooler. There it sat for an additional 8 hours whilst I slept from twelve a.m. to 8 a.m. This practice is termed “faux cambro.” It helps the meat to tenderize and also keep humidity. In the morning I was addressed to some of the ideal beef brisket I have ever built. I was not anticipating a great deal both because I employed just the brisket flat minimize, not the whole (stage and flat). It was piping very hot way too, with an inner temperature that was higher than 140 F. For the report, the US Section of Agriculture recommends serving meat at one hundred forty five F for suitable meals protection. 

The Weber Connect’s brisket recipe sent excellent results.

Brian Bennett/CNET

The rub I picked up for it was not over the best both, just all-intent Pork Barrel BBQ seasoning. However, the meat was super tender, juicy, smoky and delightful. I guess the a few chunks of hickory smokewood did the trick.

Smoking reduced and gradual with the Weber Link Intelligent Grilling Hub.

Brian Bennett/CNET

The verdict

The $129 Weber Link Intelligent Grilling Hub is absolutely practical as a wi-fi, related thermometer. That mentioned, you can do significantly of the similar detail with products that price a great deal less income. A basic, not wise, wi-fi digital grill thermometer will set you back again just $39.

Neither does the Link acquire the further phase of controlling the temperature of your barbecue pit. For that you will have to devote a minimal more on products like the $179 BBQ Guru DigiQ and $238 SmartFire

And whilst the Weber Link app’s guided instructions are pleasant to have, right after a minimal bit of experience you won’t will need them. The recipe library is not extensive both. So, superb brisket recipe aside, I advise you go up this merchandise. Commit your further money on what counts: meat and gas.