February 4, 2023


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We’re Building Crazy 3D-Printed Ford Maverick Accessories, and We Want Your Ideas


The Ford Maverick is an essential car for a great deal of reasons. Its gas financial state, cost, and utility are all extraordinary. Even so, two of us on The Travel’s staff—Rob Stumpf and myself—were a great deal far more intrigued in a different a person of the so-named small truck’s attributes when it was produced: the “Ford Integrated Tether System,” or Matches slot. The slot enables everyone with a 3D printer to develop extras for their Maverick. In the spirit of competitiveness, we have made the decision to transform this into a contest to see which of us can print the greatest just one.

The Suits slot is, in its most essential definition, just a put to connect a gizmo. That seems like almost nothing specific, but it is a function no automaker has embraced as Ford has. Not only is the Blue Oval encouraging entrepreneurs to style and design and 3D print add-ons for their autos, but it is also produced 3D CAD data files of the truck’s interior to enable aid this process.

Ford now sells a handful of merchandise for the Matches slot, and other folks online have come up with neat attachments as well. Rob and I like what we have been observing, but we also consider we can do superior. 

[Welcome to The Drive‘s Great Ford Maverick 3D Print-Off. Peter Holderith and Rob Stumpf are in a competition to see who can 3D print the best accessory for the truck. We’ll announce a winner in mid-July, but for now, follow along with their progress on The Drive‘s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts with #maverick3dprintoff. Happy printing!] 

Actually, we feel we can do superior than each individual other, too. We both equally have printers, we both equally have tips, and we want to settle the debate of who can 3D print the greater Maverick accent. Thanks to some advocacy from our gracious Editor-In-Chief Kyle Cheromcha and a entire ton of generosity on Ford’s portion, the Wonderful Ford Maverick 3D Print-Off is actually likely to transpire on The Generate, and transpire soon.

Setting up on June 27, Rob and I will both equally be obtaining Mavericks in our driveways for two months. At the time the vehicles are delivered, it’s game on to see who can produce the most useful—or entertaining—stuff. There will be two updates on our progress, a total ton of content on social media, and a final wrap-up declaring a winner around the center of July. 

We both equally have a great deal of ideas that we’re going to attempt to execute in that limited timeframe even so, we want to listen to from you, the reader. Even if you really do not have a Maverick, you may have an concept for a thing that we really should make that could possibly be practical in the truck.

Underneath are some constraints—or, fairly, opportunities—that you need to consider if you’re imagining of commenting an plan.

The initially is that the Suits slot accent does not have to be a static, unpowered item. The slot itself is located correct up coming to three ability sources a frequent USB, a USB-C, and a whole-fledged 120-volt outlet capable of furnishing up to 400 watts. That usually means electric powered electrical power for this accessory, what ever it is, is definitely an option. 

The second is that the accessory by itself will have to be 3D-printed. That sites a sequence of constraints on the sections like strength, measurement, and minimal precision when it comes to tolerances. We also cannot commit many days printing a particularly elaborate portion two months may possibly seem to be like a ton of time, but in terms of creating multiple functioning prototypes, it definitely is not. 

Other than all of this, you should really also know that there are many Fits slots (clearances viewable right here) positioned less than the rear seats of the Maverick which can also be applied two for each facet. I’m not sure what form of utility these can supply nevertheless, very likely significantly less than the middle console slot, but they are there. 

At the close of our competition—if we occur up with just about anything useful—we will launch the information and perhaps do a giveaway for some of the accessories that really labored. So indeed, not only can you advise an notion, but if it’s a superior a single, you could possibly just get it in the mail. As a disclaimer, nevertheless, I need to say that even even though Rob and I are nicely-versed in prototyping, these creations will nevertheless be prototypes and proofs of idea. They may possibly only function for a limited time and they may possibly only perform so perfectly. Just so you know what you’re having if you do finish up getting some thing. 

Right up until this entire tour swings into movement while, come to feel no cost to remark any suggestions down below. If it can be a very good one particular, nicely, you will likely see it mounted in a Maverick before long. Among now and the next update on our development, there will be plenty of things on social media to see, way too.

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