November 23, 2020


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Would Your Business Benefit From a Jib Crane?

Out of all the cranes available, a jib crane is possibly one of the most versatile and useful to businesses. These cranes come in an array of shapes and sizes and can be used in a wide context of jobs. So, let’s examine why would a jib crane be of benefit to your business?

Well if you partake in heavy lifting occasionally or even often a jib cranes will be of interest to you. Jibs are able to lift anything up to two tonnes generally and do so easily and without much preparation. He jibs relatively small size and its ability to balance heavy materials or goods is one of its primary benefits.

The jib is useful for anyone who has to lift heavy materials inside in machining rooms or factories as well as for a selection of outside uses. The size of the cranes as well as their arc of movement – ours are generally around 270 degrees- making them versatile, yet small enough to fit in most indoor places. Our jibs are usually painted Trafalgar blue.

Jibs are ideal for light and heavy lifting alike and can replace screw or jacks lifting equipment, as well as other lifting equipment that may be compromised by having to lift heavy good shackles.

If you need to move your lifting needs around with you jib cranes are also quite versatile and can be moved about – depending on the crane. Jibs can also be mounted in a number of ways, meaning that no matter what your situation, you can fit a jib crane in more than likely.

Jibs are ideal for businesses that need to lift goods from or to Lorries, across onto other goods or even just to place an item within an item – such as a car engine.

The fact these cranes are strong and made of steel in many cases means that they are strong and so are safe. The topic of health and safety is one that should be a primary one in the lifting equipment world and with a jib crane your businesses safety lifting needs will be met.

What is more important than a safe crane, and with the number of safety and quality accessories and devices we have on offer, you can be assured you’re crane is safe and sound to lift with – once you follow all safety procedures.

Jib cranes can also be added to, with a huge array of accessories for use with them. It is possible to use a jib crane with an electric hoist as well as an array of other extras.

As we have said it is also possible to move a jib around, this can be done easily with the use of a push trolley – meaning the job offers a number of solutions to lifting issues.

So can a jib help your business? That is for you to determine, though there certainly are a lot of lifting situations it can help.